Beautyline Paris

The beginnings...

BEAUTYLINE was launched in 2007 into pharmacies all over France.
BEAUTYLINE is undeniably the french reference brand dedicated to slimness textile universe.

Our greatest satisfaction :
To offer our clients a simple, efficient and without constraint solution.

The innovation

The company owes its success to its expertise in manufacturing innovative products and intelligent textiles.

The cosmetotextiles market is a wide promising market which, thanks to the advances in technologies innovations, will soon permit pharmaceuticals products development on all sectors.

BEAUTYLINE keeps on researching innovations,
in order to be at the cutting edge of slimness technology, and offers you a wide range of innovative slimness products.


Within 6 years, BEAUTYLINE has become leader
on the cosmetotextiles pharmacies french market.

BEAUTYLINE is a french brand that respect all of the manufacturing chartres. Its development continue to rise, with an international demand.

BEAUTYLINE is nowadays distributed by the H2O Conseil company, in Paris.


We offer our customers, mens and womens, slimming, firming and sculpting cosmetotextiles
adapted and revelent to their needs, without constrains and in discreet ways.

In constant evolution and always at the cutting edge of innovations, we have selected the best slimness technologies for you : the micro-encapsulation, the micro-capsules are woven into textile and the active
ingredients are released, when in contact with the skin, all day long.

We also use the bioactive crystals innovation,
a thermoregulation process that uses the infrared energy
emitted by human body, absorbs them and sent them back
in the body.

All of our products are clinically tested and proved.
BEAUTYLINE undertakes to respect all of french norms
and constantly invests for the well-being of all,
while respecting the environment.


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Beautyline, a french reference brand dedicated to slimness textile universe, offers you a complete range of innovating and revolutionary slimness products involving the three dimensional knitting technology
and effective microcapsules formulations adapted to your needs.

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