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The cosmetotextile, or cosmeto-textile,
is a technology that merges with cosmetics
and textiles universes through the process of micro encapsulation. Beautyline cosmetotextiles are the research results of the alliance between innovative slimness cosmetics
and intelligent textiles.

The micro encapsulation is a process in which we enclose
one or several products into microparticles called « microcapsules ». Once the microcapsules created,
they are imbued to the textile thanks to successive high temparature baths for an maximal efficienty until 30 washes.

The cosmetotextiles have to be worn at least 8 hours a day in order to have an optimal slimness effect. The friction tissue on the skin breaks the microcapsules and progressively releases its microencapsuled active cosmetics. The microcapsules diffusion on different parts of the body induces well-being and act in a sustainable way on the skin quality.

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Beautyline, a french reference brand dedicated to slimness textile universe, offers you a complete range of innovating and revolutionary slimness products involving the three dimensional knitting technology
and effective microcapsules formulations adapted to your needs.

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